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Pre-departure cross-cultural experience

I was at the Fullmoon Drumming at Northbeach tonight (still in Wollongong) and I started talking to young Chinese guy who was out here doing his Masters in Computer Science. The conversation was very funny and interesting but very confusing and difficult. It seemed like their wasn't just a language barrier but a world view barrier. I couldn't even describe to him what I study for example, (Bachelor of Arts/Sociology/Politics) because it seemed like he didn't even have a concept of politics, the closest compromise we could come to was; "Law?" "Sort of, but i'm not going to be a lawyer".

But he was absolutely lovely. So excited and interested in his own cross cultural experience, and me and Australia in general. He said he came out here alone too, and when I asked him if he was scared he replied "No i'm not scarey, just exciting" (sic). Apparently I should not be scared at all either, just "exciting". I bashfully admit it was actually a beautiful little experience.

On another equally cheesey note; your little world gets more intense and beautiful when you know you're about to leave it.

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