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Photo Competition Results

Eighth Place: Scott King

Judges’ comments:

“A beautiful image representing the students’ time abroad and the human connections made. A very touching story also.”  




This photo was taken at Muskaan, the NGO in India, New Delhi, which aimed for inclusion and the growth of intellectually disabled individuals. Harshdeep is a 25 year old man who has down syndrome and is autistic. The connection I had with Harshdeep was something which has and will continue to change my life. He always held my hand as you can see in this photograph. The teachers said he struggled to communicate and be social. My goal was to change that, and the fact that he was able to tell me he loved me on the last day of seeing him made me feel as if I had achieved it. Harshdeep and many others at Muskaan have opened up my eyes and made me recognise the differences between Australia and India, and how much so many people in developed countries take for granted, including health. I have spoken about my life changing experience with my friends and family, hoping it will have some impact on their perspective of differently abled people. Harshdeep is a man of few words, however his smile which I saw grow as I spent time with him expressed more than words can explain.

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