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Photo Competition Results

Equal Third Place: Dawn Leigh

Judges’ comments:


“A confronting image, glimpsing another world. This image is accompanied by a beautiful poem highlighting the extent to which the student was impacted by their experience.”




During my trip to New Delhi, India I was confronted each day with the extreme poverty conditions that affect so many of the population living in India. I found that I was particularly challenged when very young street children approached our mode of transport to beg for money or food. As a fourth year social work student this challenge illustrated the importance of creating further awareness to Western Society of the many disadvantaged in the world and notably the privileged conditions we are afforded. At this juncture, I hope that my future role as a social worker will help make a difference in the plight for equality and justice to some individuals or families. As a result, I wrote a poem to illustrate my observations during my journeys of the first few days in Delhi to accompany my photo.


                  Can someone pay attention to my needs

                  Is there anyone who can hear my pleas

                  My life means so little

                  I have hair and teeth that are so brittle

                  Can I continue to remain strong

                  I really don’t know for how long

                  We do not ask to be born

                  For when I die there is no-one to mourn

                  I only wish for a world of equality and peace

                  But alas for now I must close my eyes and sleep

                  My dreams are so different to the world I am in

                  But when I awake another day of begging must begin

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