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Round 2: Photo Competition Results

Third Place: Rochelle Koster


Elder in residence at UVic May Sam and Myself

2016 Canadian Journey

Judge's Comment:


The reflection shows a recognition of the connectedness of traditional learnings across cultures and the image is one of friendship across geographical boundaries.


This particular photo was just after Aunt May had shown us how to make ‘Pom Poms’ out of Merino Wool. The Beanie on my head was hand made by Aunt May. The Whale is the Animal on this particular beanie. Being an salt water women and living on the south Coast of NSW. We have a dreaming story as do the Aboriginal peoples of Victoria BC.


I chose this picture as Aunt May welcomed us with open arms, from her opening Pray which had a connection with myself and family at home in Australia that I was not made aware of till a few days later. Aunty May spoke and sung in her Native language. The song she sung was said to connect us with our family even though they not be with us in the same place, when I spoke to my children 8 & 10 years a few days later whom did not know what had happened with May Sam. They said they were walking on the beach separately and thought they could hear me calling them ‘Ella’….’Jack’ over and over.


Of cause I was not there I was on the other side of the world. This happening made me feel comfort. Taking this Journey and being away from my family was a hard decision to make but I knew for the next two weeks away from my children and family that they and I would be safe, protected and guided through this journey that I had taken on and to embrace all that I could, to take back to my family and community.


My personal learnings and skills that I learnt will take with me through life which I will share when I begin teaching my own class in 2017. I will be forever grateful of the time spent in Victoria BC and the people I met along the way but Aunty May Sam will be for ever in my heart and by my side even though on opposites of the world


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