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Photo Competition Rules


As part of the EPITOME project, students will be given the opportunity to participate in a photography and reflection contest. We invite students to share just one photograph that captured their outbound mobility experience. The narrative can include:


·      What did you learn?

·      Was there a crucial experience that was transformational?

·      Did you have a breakthrough or epiphany?

·      What was an obstacle you faced?

·      Or any event which illustrates the challenges encountered and the lessons learnt.


Students are asked to include at least a few sentences explaining why their chosen photo was important to them. Where was it? What story does it tell?


Remember, ‘what’ you write is as important as the ‘quality of the image’.


The contest is open to students from the two participating institutions: University of Western Sydney (UWS) and Macquarie University (MU).


Three prizes will be awarded at each institution:


1st Prize           $500

2nd Prize          $300

3rd Prize           $150


Many of the images will be used in the EPITOME resource materials.


Photo entries, including judges' comments on winning entries will be hosted in the photo gallery on:


for other examples please see…


All photos will be tweeted:


Competition closes 1.1.16



Please email entries to


On behalf of Tim and Tonia

EPITOME project leaders

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